Hydrolysis of Acids and Bases

This page presents exercises in the completion of acid and base hydrolysis reactions. It is critical that your answers are entered in the format shown below.

Using this page

  • Pressing "New Reaction" will display a partial hydrolysis reaction with two species shown and two missing. Enter the missing materials according to the following format:
    Inorganic Acids: HA + H2O → A- + H3O+ Ex: HI + H2O → I- + H3O+
    Carboxylic Acids(end in CO2H): AH + H2O → A- + H3O+ Ex: CH3CO2H + H2O → CH3CO2- + H3O+
    Bases:B + H2O → BH+ + OH- ex: NH3 + H2O → NH4+ + OH-
  • Make certain that the sequence above is followed and you include the charges
  • It is possible that the reaction will presented as the reverse of the general equations shown above and you should structure your response accordingly. ex:> CH3CO2- + H3O+ → CH3CO2H + H2O
  • You cannot enter subscripts or superscripts in the answer cell, so HNO3 would be entered as HNO3. Also, make certain that the charge, if present is the last entry.
  • Be careful about capitalization.
  • When you are certain that you have it correct, press "Check Answer" and results will appear in the table.

    Results Total Done Total Correct